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A Solution To The Drop Shipping Business Problems

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A training manual for people who want to fully understand the drop shipping business before they start. It helps you avoid the expensive rookie errors and mistakes that you learn too late and after you waste a lot of time and possibly lose a lot of money.

Let there be no doubt, the Internet is making some people rich. And you can be one of them.

But most people, over 90% in fact, that start online fail. And they fail miserably after spending a lot of money

And unless you have your facts straight before you start, you will fail.


Please take the comment about 90% of people failing very seriously. Even if you read all our materials and those provided by many others, you're likely to be in that 90%.

Neither one of us is interested in you being in that 90%. It does neither of us any good.

This dropship guide is offered as a solution to help you be in the successful 10%.

The dropship guide first gives you extensive background information. Once you have the understanding that comes with knowing the background, you can then follow the steps that you get in this book. And you can follow the steps with understanding.

We do not think that you should go forward with any form of dropshipping until you fully understand what dropshipping is REALLY all about, what all your options are, what the upside potentials are and what the downside risks are.

Doing it is one thing. Understanding what you are doing is another.

Simply following some step-by-step system without understanding is a recipe for failure. So we give you the understanding before you start.


Don't Miss Out On Your Life

The internet offers us all some fantastic opportunities.

Even those of us who are not technically savvy, have the opportunity to start lucrative businesses on the internet. All that we have to do is follow some proven business models that many are using now to make very comfortable livings on the internet. We don't have to know much. We just have to be determined and want to improve.

One of the best opportunities for us is to learn about drop shipping. A drop shipping based business on the internet is a semi-automatic process. It is a targeted method of making money. A drop shipping internet business properly planned is an income production line on autopilot.

But before we take chances, we have to be sure. We have to take the time to do some serious thinking and planning.

You have to decide if drop shipping is for you. Is doing business on the internet even for you? And if it is, what is the safest way to start? And is it within your capabilities?

Answering these questions is made simple if you read a business planning guide that includes solid training materials specifically related to using drop shipping on the internet.

The Drop Ship Guide goes beyond just answering these questions and shows you, step-by-step, how you can make money on the internet using drop shipping.

Further, it gives you what you need at this stage - something practical. You need instructions and not theoretical pie in the sky lectures. You need some straight forward guidance written specifically for an internet business. You need to learn something about basic internet business structures and how to choose what is best for you. You have to do some practical business planning.

What is that? Practical business planning is the serious examination of an idea with the hope that it can make money for you. It is the development of an “it” and a way to explore that “it”. Will “it” work or not? If “it” will work, how do I make “it” work? Can I make “it “work? How do I grow “it”? How do others do it? Is what they do beyond my capability? How much will “it” cost me? Is running a business really a good idea for me? Is it safe for me? How do I avoid scams? How can I do it with limited skills? Where will I get the necessary skills?

The Drop Ship Guide helps you answer these questions. In the process you will learn new concepts and skills. As you plan your drop shipping business, the process becomes a skill improving training exercise then ends up with you having a new found ability to earn money on the internet by drop shipping everything from electronics to dog collars and your neighbor's honey.

drop ship guide

Who Publishes The Drop Ship Guide

This one of a kind publication is published by the Small Business Academy, an organization that, since 1996, has been dedicated to the development of small business on the internet. It has been in forefront of helping people with limited money start businesses using the micro business concept. This book is one of a series devoted to helping people improve their lot in life.

The Small Business Academy prides itself on providing concise, direct and effective publications that are backed up with personal help. You can find other Small Business Academy books published on Amazon.com .


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The Drop Ship Guide Shows You How To Put It All Together

First you learn the basics.


  • You read.
  • You watch videos.
  • You look at what others are doing - good and bad.

    Then you learn how to put your own drop shipping business together.

  • You go step by step through setting up some fully operable drop shipping systems.
  • You learn the details so you can go off on your own and start making money right away.
  • So you get the book learning, put a some drop ship systems together, test them and then go out on your own - trained and prepared.


    What Is In The Drop Ship Guide

    This is focused look at some of what is in the Drop Ship Guide.

    It is important to note that the materials are based on experience and not written by ghost writers who are writers and not people who have actually run drop shipping businesses. This book was written by someone who has been there since 1997 and intends to continue to be there. Your are getting the benefits of years of hands on experience.

    drop ship guide

    Plus you get:

    black dot  175 page of comprehensive coverage of drop shipping basics backed by step-by-step procedures that show you, in detail, how to get your business online.

    black dot  A one of a kind Internet business planning guide.

    black dot   A one of a kind micro-business website planning guide to supplement your business plan.

    black dot  Special formatted profit and loss statement and income predictions for Internet businesses.

    black dot  Step-by-step procedures to set up your own money making micro-websites plus Amazon and Yahoo stores.

    black dot   A complete resource list of free systems and other products and services necessary to start a drop shipping business

    black dot  Over 50 additional tutorials and videos as supplemental information

    The Small business Academy 100% moneyback guarantee

    black dot  An excellent bonus package


    You learn:

    black dot  How to find your market niche.

    black dot  How to choose products that sell.

    black dot  How to find suppliers.

    black dot  How to avoid the scams, consultants and traps laid for the unwary.

    black dot  How to set up a Yahoo store.

    black dot  How to set up an Amazon store.

    black dot  How to create multiple streams of income.

    black dot  How to drop ship from eBay.

    black dot  How to make more money on eBay with drop shipping.

    black dot  You learn how to set up sites using drop shipping and other sites free.

    black dot  You learn how to use eBay to your best advantage and make more money from eBay than you ever dreamed of.

    black dot  You learn how to use 20 other small business models.

    black dot  You learn how to find products so that you can compete against the majors in big-money advertisers.

    black dot  You get started right with a money making site , safely, inexpensively.


    If you would like more detail, here is the Table Of Contents


    Drop Ship Guide Bonus Package

    To give you a better start, you get added information, free with the Drop Ship Guide.

    For the most part this is support information that you should read as part of your business learning experience. Some, however, is added on the recommendation of some business advisors who believe that the material is important.

    Free Bonus 1

    Offline Business Plan Road Map This is a comprehensive outline for a business plan for an offiline business. It is 23 pages of tutorial and self paced activity that shows you exactly what must be in your plan and that tells you how to make the plan. Though not directly related to an online business, it is important for those of you who might want to have an offline component to your business.

    Remember that in the Drop Ship Guide this is a special Business Planning Guide that is written specifically for online businesses. So you actually get two planning guides with the Drop Ship Guide.

    Free Bonus 2

    Sample Break Even Analysis With your own strategy in hand, you follow this sample break even analysis and check what you have to do to be profitable. With this you take the first step to distinguishing yourself from the 95% and getting started right on the path to success.

    Free Bonus 3

    Audio Program Regardless of how you approach business on the internet, adding audio to your website helps increase your sales. And if you are going to drop ship, audio has many applications. You can even use it on you eBay auctions. You can buy this program for $37.00 at this link. Or you can get here - as a free bonus - with the Drop Ship Guide. You pay more for the program alone than you do for the Drop Ship Guide and Audio Program plus the other bonus items.



    Drop Ship Guide Benefit Analysis

    An analysis of the how you benefit by following the advice of the Drop Ship Guide.

    Listed here are just a few of the benefits that you get when you use the Drop Ship Guide.

    black dot You will be lead, step-by-step, through this learn to do it yourself and be your own boss guide, on your path to your own independent income and a life that so many dream about but never get a chance to make for themselves.

    black dot You can start with almost no cash. Your drop ship business entry costs will be cut to the bone. Most of the cost of setting up your online presence - generally less than $10 for a domain name and then the prorated share of your web host - will be the cost of your personal time .

    black dot The quick start and simple approach saves you time and money. You get online and start making money much faster than if you work without checklists and step by step guides. At the same time, you grow and mature in the Internet business by working step-by-step so that even though you move quickly, you move safely.

    black dot You learn how to avoid the scams and traps that catch so many beginners and get your business online safely.

    black dot You will learn how to do it yourself and not have to pay for designers, consultants or templates. In fact, you learn where to get free, effective templates and designs that you can use/duplicate/change. By taking the do-it-yourself approach you get good background and can control costs

    black dot As you learn the many ways you can use drop shipping, you will be shown how to avoid buying shopping carts, paying for merchant accounts and unnecessary technical help.

    black dot You will learn how to build your business that allows you you set your own limits. Work as much or as little as you like. You learn how to take a limited time approach to running a business so they can still have a life or another job. That is what freedom is all about.

    black dot The procedues are written for the person without technical computer knowledge. Anyone who can copy and paste can start a drop shipping business without paying for help. Videos and extra tutorials are provided to even help you more.

    black dot And you get to use the Drop Ship Guide for 60 days. Use it to set up your first online business. If you don't like what you see, just ask for your money back. Details


    The investment in the Drop Ship Guide plus all the extra's is $2.95.

    Once you make the investment, you can immediately download the materials.

  • There is only one way out of the economic hole that most of us are in. And that is to use a ladder.

    This guide is one form of ladder.

    Now it may help you and then it may not. In fact, as a general matter, more than 90% of the people who start businesses on the internet fail. I do not know whether the percentage is higher or lower with this Drop Ship Guide. All I do know is that I do not get a lot of complaints or people wanting their money back.

    And I do know that you have 60 days to try it to see if it will work for you. If not, just ask for your money back.  

    If the $2.95 is too much for you to chance, even with a money back guarantee, then you should think many more times than twice about going into business. Do something else.

    But if you want to try, with the money back guarantee as a backup,


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    drop shippingThe total investment is only $2.95, once and there are no recurring charges or upgrades and no other obligations.

    drop shipping logo You will be able to immediately download all the materials and get started right away.

    drop ship logoYou get free updates without any additional charge.

    drop shipThe transaction is secure and private and your email address is kept private.

    dropship guide1You can get your money back, anytime up to 60 days after you get your copy.