About Dropshippers

About Drop Shippers

This page describes the typical profile of drop shippers. Depending on the type business you set up, the profile of the drop shipper that you will you use will vary. Therefore, knowing as much as possible about drop shippers is important.

It also gives you contact to drop shippers.

Drop shippers are suppliers. In some cases they are the manufacturers themselves. But for the most part they are distributors.

In that they are distributors, they are in reality what people normally call middlemen.

They see a target market for a particular product. They buy that product and store it in a fulfillment warehouse. They make, generally, a large investment in the product. Being a profit-making entities, mark the cost of that product up so that they make a profit.

Sometimes the cost that you pay is equal to what you would pay to buy the product retail.

These suppliers range anywhere from Amazon.com, which is one of the largest, if not the largest, dropship supplier in the world to local shops.

When you work with Amazon. You work on a percentage.

When you work with a distributor, you buy at the prices from the distributor and sell at the price you wish.

Drop shippers make available for you everything from e-books to hard goods.

If you are going to use a factory direct dropship supplier, you can generally get good prices.

As for dropship distributors, however, they sometimes mark up the price of the product to where when you make a purchase you are buying retail.

It is important that when you were starting up and looking for a product to dropship you have to do your market research. And remember it’s not the product but the competition. You have to do detailed market research to determine whether the product that you want to sell is either competitive in price or competitive in terms of market position. See What Product Should I Sell On My Website.

If you are looking for products from factory direct drop ship suppliers, go go to Drop Ship Suppliers