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The Drop Ship Guide – No And Low Cost Ways To Start A Drop Shipping Business

the drop ship guide

This book is a “How To Guide” for starting a business using drop shipping.

Whether your goals are modest or aggressive, and whether you have money to invest or not, this book:

black dot small gives you the necessary background, tips, hints and procedures to be able to start your own drop shipping business,

black dot small shows you how to start a drop shipping business without making any investment other than your time,

black dot small gives you information that will help you minimize your business risk on startup,

black dot small gives you information about the various business models and their potential and risks,

black dot small shows you how to start up with no capital and scale to a business as large as you wish

black dot small shows you how you can piggyback on others’ capital investments to build your business,

black dot small gives you 8 business plans to follow step by step to have a no or low cost drop shipping business online within a week.

Book Description:

arrows small A 173 page Resource, Research And Instruction Manual, 6th Edition

arrows smallDrop Shipping is covered A – Z. When finished, you are fully prepared to move forward with a drop shipping business.

arrows small8 Drop Shipping Business Plans

arrows smallOnline Business Package

arrows smallBusiness Planning Guide

arrows smallSample financial analysis

arrows smallProfit And Loss Guide And Profit And Loss Form

arrows smallMarketing Plan Template

arrows smallCustomer Service


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Read Completely And Try Before You Buy

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

After making a good faith deposit on the book, you read it and use all the tools for 60 days. If for any reason at all you would like to have your money refunded, just tell us. The guarantee is unconditional.

This allows you time to test the books usefulness by using it to get your drop shipping business on line.

It is your online version of a test drive.


How To Get Your Copy Of The Drop Ship Guide

You get this Drop Ship Guide and Business Package on a free trial basis. Use it for 60 days. Use the business plans and get your drop shipping business started.

For security and to limit administrative burdens, we ask that you deposit the cost of the DropShip Guide ($15.95) via paypal.

Once your deposit is processed by PayPal, you will be immediately able to download the complete package.

This is an ebook that you can download and read on your computer or print and read offline.

The total cost is $15.95 . There are no other charges. There are no recurring payments. This is a one time payment.

Customer Comments Of Interest

Here are a couple of comments from people who have this ebook. You might find them useful.

Hello, Its a great book, great way to get a sense in what a person is actually getting into. I appreciate your time and effort on a great way to have the knowledge and tools that you explain in detail. I still have some questions but I only have read once and I know you stated at least go over it 3 times because the answer to my questions may be in the book. I just wanted to reach out and give you my feedback which is not a negative one. I consider you as a mentor because everyone who wants to make a profit need a mentor with an established mind set to prepare others on maybe not the same path but maybe the same goals. I thank you for the information and the teachings and no longer will I waste your time. Thanks
My Best Wishes

IHi, am not much knowledgeable about internet,but from the little I read from this book I am impressed and believe I could start from here to be proficient in internet home business, especially selling on the internet   Vince  U

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the drop ship guide
When You Get Your Copy Of The Drop Ship Guide:

catalogs1We do not resell your personal information or use it in any way but to communicate with you. If you do not want any communications from us, you will not get them. Period.

catalogs2There are no recurring charges. The deposit is $15.95, once. If you decide to keep the Drop Ship Guide after the trial period, you do not have to pay anything more. There are no up charges and no up sells.

dropship guide1You can get your money back, anytime up to 60 days after you get your copy.

If you have any questions or problems with making the purchase or downloading, contact us immediately at Dropship Guide Admin

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